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dc.contributor.authorMatthew Daviesen
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we present a system, AutoMashUpper, for making multi-song music mashups. Central to our system is a measure of "mashability" calculated between phrase sections of an input song and songs in a music collection. We define mashability in terms of harmonic and rhythmic similarity and a measure of spectral balance. The principal novelty in our approach centres on the determination of how elements of songs can be made fit together using key transposition and tempomodification, rather than based on their unaltered properties. In this way, the properties of two songs used to model their mashability can be altered with respect to transformations performed to maximize their perceptual compatibility. AutoMashUpper has a user interface to allow users to control the parameterization of the mashability estimation. It allows users to define ranges for key shifts and tempo as well as adding, changing or removing elements from the created mashups. We evaluate AutoMashUpper by its ability to reliably segment music signals into phrase sections, and also via a listening test to examine the relationship between estimated mashability and user enjoyment. © 2014 IEEE.en
dc.titleAutoMashUpper: Automatic creation of multi-song music mashupsen
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