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Title: Design and implementation of an IDE for learning programming languages using a gamification service
Authors: José Carlos Paiva
José Paulo Leal
Ricardo Queirós
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This chapter presents the architecture and design of enki, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for learning programming languages on massive open online courses (moocs). this environment can be used as a tool by a learning management system (lms) and a typical lms such as moodle can launch it using the learning tool interoperability (lti) api. student authentication tokens are passed via lti, thus integrating enki in the single sign-on domain of the academic institution. the proposed tool has a web user interface similar to those of reference ides, where the learner has access to different integrated tools, from viewing tutorial videos, to solving programming exercises that are automatically evaluated. enki uses several gamification strategies to engage learners, including generic gamifications services provided by odin and the sequencing of educational resources. the course content (videos, pdfs, programming exercises) is progressively disclosed to the learner as he successfully completes exercises. this is similar to what happens in a game, where new levels are unlocked as the previous are completed, thus contributing to the sense of achievement.
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