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Title: Seqins - A sequencing tool for educational resources
Authors: Ricardo Queirós
José Paulo Leal
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The teaching-learning process is increasingly focused on the combination of the paradigms "learning by viewing" and "learning by doing." In this context, educational resources, either expository or evaluative, play a pivotal role. Both types of resources are interdependent and their sequencing would create a richer educational experience to the end user. However, there is a lack of tools that support sequencing essentially due to the fact that existing specifications are complex. The Seqins is a sequencing tool of digital resources that has a fairly simple sequencing model. The tool communicates through the IMS LTI specification with a plethora of e-learning systems such as learning management systems, repositories, authoring and evaluation systems. In order to validate Seqins we integrate it in an e-learning Ensemble framework instance for the computer programming learning. © Ricardo Queirós, José Paulo Leal and José Campos.
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