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Title: Evaluation of Underwater IEEE 802.11 Networks at VHF and UHF Frequency Bands using Software Defined Radios
Authors: Filipe Borges Teixeira
Luís Manuel Pessoa
Rui Lopes Campos
Manuel Ricardo
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Radio Frequency (RF) communications high attenuation underwater, limiting the range of standard IEEE 802.11 networks to a few centimeters underwater. The usage of custom RF solutions at lower frequencies to increase range entails high development costs, and proprietary hardware. This paper evaluates the performance of cost-e.ective, mass-market IEEE 802.11 networks underwater at di.erent frequencies in the sub-GHz bands using Software Defined Radio platforms. Optimizations to the gr-ieee802.11 implementation, together with custom designed antennas, allowed the testing of frequencies in the 70-700 MHz range, in a large-scale freshwater tank, and in real-world, seawater conditions in Tagus river estuary. Results show a frequency-dependent communications range up to 5 m in freshwater and 1.8 m in seawater, with bitrates up to 550 kbit/s and delay under 45 ms. This proves the feasibility of IEEE 802.11 networks in the sub-GHz bands for applications such as video streaming from an autonomous underwater vehicle and underwater sensors. Copyright 2015 ACM.
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