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Title: Phase Conjugated Twin Waves Based Transmission in Few Modes Fibers
Authors: Tavares,JS
Luís Manuel Pessoa
Henrique Salgado
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Spatial division multiplexing (SDM) is seen as an effective technique to overcome the present limits of fiber capacity and satisfy future bandwidth requirements, by substantially increasing optical transport capacities [1-5]. Similarly to single-mode fiber based modern telecommunication systems, the nonlinear penalties will eventually become the ultimate limiting factor in SDM systems, arising from crosstalk effects in multimode core or few mode fibers, which generate intramodal and intermodal nonlinearities. Here we explore the concept of conjugated twin waves in few mode fibers based SDM optical systems, as a means to overcome these nonlinear impairments and assess the performance of SDM systems for different PCTW configurations and coupling regimes. Our numerical simulation results show that this technique is an effective means to overcome the nonlinear impairments arising in mode division multiplexed systems, improving performance by up to 10 dB, in the strong coupling regime.
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