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Title: Modular Building Blocks for the Development of AUVs - from MARES to TriMARES
Authors: Nuno Cruz
Aníbal Matos
Bruno Miguel Ferreira
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The design of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is governed by a complex tradeoff between mission performance and required payload sensors, and taking into account possible constraints in fabrication, assembly and operational logistics. On a commercial level, the technology is relatively mature, with several companies offering off-the-shelf AUV solutions in a wide range of sizes and performance levels, for a wide variety of operational scenarios. However, to ensure proper performance in specific applications, such broad-range systems require factory customization, with the consequent impact in time and cost. This paper describes a program for the development of underwater vehicles based on modular building blocks. In this case, modularity encompasses both physical parts and also software and control systems. These modules can be rearranged, replaced or individually redesigned to yield a great variety of AUV configurations in a relatively short time. The paper describes the development of MARES, a small hovering AUV, and also TriMARES, a custom 3-body hybrid AUV/ROV, built from the same modules in little over 6 months.
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