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Title: Formal Verification of kLIBC with the WP Frama-C Plug-in
Authors: Carvalho,N
Jorge Sousa Pinto
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This paper presents our results in the formal verification of kLIBC, a minimalistic C library, using the Frama-C/WP tool. We report how we were able to completely verify a significant number of functions from < string.h > and < stdio.h >. We discuss difficulties encountered and describe in detail a problem in the implementation of common < string.h > functions, for which we suggest alternative implementations. Our work shows that it is presently already viable to verify low-level C code, with heavy usage of pointers. Although the properties proved tend to be shallower as the code becomes of a lower-level nature, it is our view that this is an important direction towards real-world software verification, which cannot be attained by focusing on deep properties of cleaner code, written specifically to be verified.
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