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Title: The Value of Reserve for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Parking Lots
Authors: Nilufar Neyestani
João Catalão
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The introduction of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the electrical system is bringing various challenges. One of the recent solutions to deploy the potentials of PEVs in the system is through PEV parking lots (PL). The PLs not only provide a place for the PEVs charging requirements, but also give the possibility of exploiting the vehicle-to-gird (V2G) potential of PEVs in a more efficient manner comparing to PEV aggregators. On the other hand, the V2G mode gives the reserve market possibility to the PL operator, which can be a source of income other than selling energy to the PEV owners. However, the willingness of participating in the V2G mode may be low due to exposing battery degradation and not sufficient departure state of charge (SOC). As a result, this study investigates the behavior of PL on deploying the V2G mode of PEVs in reserve market participation considering the PEVs' traffic behavior.
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