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Title: Information System for Automation of Counterfeited Documents Images Correlation
Authors: Vieira,R
Mário João Antunes
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Forgery detection of official documents is a continuous challenge encountered by documents' forensic experts. Among the most common counterfeited documents we may find citizen cards, passports and driving licenses. Forgers are increasingly resorting to more sophisticated techniques to produce fake documents, trying to deceive criminal polices and hamper their work. Having an updated past counterfeited documents image catalogue enables forensic experts to determine if a similar technique or material was already used to forge a document. Thus, through the modus operandi characterization is possible to obtain more information about the source of the counterfeited document. In this paper we present an information system to manage counterfeited documents images that includes a two-fold approach: (i) the storage of images of past counterfeited documents seized by questioned documents forensic experts of the Portuguese Scientific Laboratory in a structured database; and (ii) the automation of the counterfeit identification by comparing a given fraudulent document image with the database images of previously catalogued counterfeited documents. In general, the proposed information system aims to smooth the counterfeit identification and to overcome the error prone, manual and time consuming tasks carried on by forensic experts. Hence, we have used a scalable algorithm under the OpenCV framework, to compare images, match patterns and analyse textures and colours. The algorithm was tested on a subset of counterfeited Portuguese citizen cards, presenting very promising results.
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