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Title: Analysis and Visualisation of Crowd-sourced Tourism Data
Authors: Leal,F
Benedita Malheiro
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The tourist behaviour has changed significantly over the last decades due to technological advancement (e.g., ubiquitous access to the Web) and Web 2.0 approaches (e.g., Crowdsourcing). Tourism Crowdsourcing includes experience sharing in the form of ratings and reviews (evaluation-based), pages (wiki-based), likes, posts, images or videos (social-network-based). The main contribution of this paper is a tourist-centred off-line and on-line analysis, using hotel ratings and reviews, to discover and present relevant trends and patterns to tourists and businesses. On the one hand, online, we provide a list of the top ten hotels, according to the user query, ordered by the overall rating, price and the ratio between the positive and negative Word Clouds reviews. On the other hand, off-line, we apply Multiple Linear Regression to identify the most relevant ratings that influence the hotel overall rating, and generate hotel clusters based on these ratings. © 2016 ACM.
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