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Title: Evolution Analysis of Call Ego-Networks
Authors: Shazia Tabassum
João Gama
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: With the realization of networks in many of the real world domains, research work in network science has gained much attention now-a-days. The real world interaction networks are exploited to gain insights into real world connections. One of the notion is to analyze how these networks grow and evolve. Most of the works rely upon the socio centric networks. The socio centric network comprises of several ego networks. How these ego networks evolve greatly influences the structure of network. In this work, we have analyzed the evolution of ego networks from a massive call network stream by using an extensive list of graph metrics. By doing this, we studied the evolution of structural properties of graph and related them with the real world user behaviors. We also proved the densification power law over the temporal call ego networks. Many of the evolving networks obey the densification power law and the number of edges increase as a function of time. Therefore, we discuss a sequential sampling method with forgetting factor to sample the evolving ego network stream. This method captures the most active and recent nodes from the network while preserving the tie strengths between them and maintaining the density of graph and decreasing redundancy.
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