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Title: Weightless neural networks for open set recognition
Authors: Douglas Oliveira Cardoso
João Gama
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Open set recognition is a classification-like task. It is accomplished not only by the identification of observations which belong to targeted classes (i.e., the classes among those represented in the training sample which should be later recognized) but also by the rejection of inputs from other classes in the problem domain. The need for proper handling of elements of classes beyond those of interest is frequently ignored, even in works found in the literature. This leads to the improper development of learning systems, which may obtain misleading results when evaluated in their test beds, consequently failing to keep the performance level while facing some real challenge. The adaptation of a classifier for open set recognition is not always possible: the probabilistic premises most of them are built upon are not valid in a open-set setting. Still, this paper details how this was realized for WiSARD a weightless artificial neural network model. Such achievement was based on an elaborate distance-like computation this model provides and the definition of rejection thresholds during training. The proposed methodology was tested through a collection of experiments, with distinct backgrounds and goals. The results obtained confirm the usefulness of this tool for open set recognition.
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