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Title: A new concept of 3D DCS interface application for industrial production console operators
Authors: Ramiro Gonçalves
José Luís Martins
Frederico Branco
Gonzalez Castro,MRG
Perez Cota,MP
João Barroso
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The current operator displays of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed for 2D environments. This limits the full awareness situation of the industrial process, since it is distributed across multiple operator displays and requires the operator to navigate among them. This inspired the idea of creating a single operator display. Through an accurate and systematic literature review and by following the guidelines of design science methodology, it was possible to achieve a set of indicators and artefacts that corresponded to the defined goals. By developing a 2.5D/3D DCS interface application, the authors aimed at creating a way of allowing a full view of the entire manufacturing process, thus increasing the amount and the quality of information that is given to the operator and preventing unnecessary operation navigation between displays.
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