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Title: Analyzing Social Media Discourse An Approach using Semi-supervised Learning
Authors: Álvaro Figueira
Luciana Gomes Oliveira
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The ability to handle large amounts of unstructured information, to optimize strategic business opportunities, and to identify fundamental lessons among competitors through benchmarking, are essential skills of every business sector. Currently, there are dozens of social media analytics' applications aiming at providing organizations with informed decision making tools. However, these applications rely on providing quantitative information, rather than qualitative information that is relevant and intelligible for managers. In order to address these aspects, we propose a semi-supervised learning procedure that discovers and compiles information taken from online social media, organizing it in a scheme that can be strategically relevant. We illustrate our procedure using a case study where we collected and analysed the social media discourse of 43 organizations operating on the Higher Public Polytechnic Education Sector. During the analysis we created an "editorial model" that characterizes the posts in the area. We describe in detail the training and the execution of an ensemble of classifying algorithms. In this study we focus on the techniques used to increase the accuracy and stability of the classifiers.
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