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Title: Participation of Multi-Terminal HVDC Grids in Frequency Regulation Services
Authors: Carlos Moreira
José Miguel Gouveia
Bernardo Silva
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This paper addresses the provision of frequency control services with multi-terminal HVDC grids interconnecting several asynchronous AC control areas and integrating offshore wind farms. Regarding the operational performance of the multi-terminal HVDC grid, it is discussed and proposed a communication-free regulation scheme that allows these type of infrastructures to actively participate in primary frequency regulation services and provision of inertial emulation capabilities among the non-synchronous areas. Additionally, the proposed control scheme is extended such that offshore wind generators can also actively provide inertia and primary frequency control to the mainland AC grid. The main rational of the proposed control scheme relies of a cascading control mechanism based on the modulation of active power as a function of the frequency in the HVDC converter stations connected to mainland AC grids and on the control of the frequency in the HVDC converters associated to offshore wind farms. The DC grid voltage variations resulting from this principle is used as a natural communication channel to develop the control loops to be used in all the converter stations. The effectiveness of the proposed strategy is illustrated in the case of two non-synchronous areas linked by a multi-terminal HVDC system connecting two offshore wind farms.
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