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Title: A lightweight docking station for a hovering AUV
Authors: Nuno Cruz
Aníbal Matos
Rui Miguel Almeida
Bruno Miguel Ferreira
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The concept of underwater docking stations has long been proposed to support the long term deployment of AUVs, but the number of successful solutions is still very disappointing. Hovering type AUVs can navigate arbitrarily slow, simplifying the docking maneuver and the requirements for the receiving structure. This paper describes a docking system that was developed to extend the mission duration of the MARES AUV, a man portable hovering type AUV. Given the wide range of operational scenarios and configurations of this AUV, one of the design requirements was to have a simple modular structure, that could easily be reconfigured to support different vehicle configurations, deployment scenarios and docking maneuvers. The paper provides details of the mechanical aspects, the onboard electronic subsystems, and the general operational procedure, as well as preliminary data from the first trials. © 2017 IEEE.
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