A 3D low-cost solution for the aesthetic evaluation of breast cancer conservative treatment

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Hélder Filipe Oliveira
Jaime Cardoso
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Breast cancer conservative treatment (BCCT) is now the preferred technique for breast cancer treatment. The limited reproducibility of standard aesthetic evaluation methods led to the development of objective methods, such as the software tool Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment.cosmetic results (BCCT.core). Although results are satisfying, there are still limitations concerning complete automation and the inability to measure volumetric information. With the fundamental premise of maintaining the system a low-cost tool, this work studies the incorporation of the Microsoft Kinect sensor in BCCT evaluations. The aim is to enable the automatic joint detection of prominent points, both on depth and RGB images. Afterwards, using those prominent points, it is possible to obtain two-dimensional and volumetric features. Finally, the aesthetic result is achieved using machine learning techniques converted automatically from the set of measures defined. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is accurate and robust for a wide number of patients. In addition, comparing with previous research, the procedure for detecting prominent points was automated. © 2013 © 2013 Taylor & Francis.