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Title: Correction of Geometrical Distortions in Bands of Chromatography Images
Authors: Moreira,BM
Ana Maria Mendonça
Aurélio Campilho
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This paper presents a methodology for correcting band distortions in Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) images. After the segmentation of image lanes, the intensity profile of each lane column is spatially aligned with a reference profile using a modified version of the Correlation Optimized Warping (COW) algorithm. As the initial partition of the profile into equal length segments proposed by COW can result in the separation of a single band between two segments to be disjointedly aligned, in the proposed method the warping function is only applied to selected profile regions containing groups of adjacent bands. The proposed band correction methodology was assessed using 105 profiles of 105 TLC lanes. A set of features for band characterization was extracted from each lane profile, before and after band distortion correction, and was used as input for three distinct one-class classifiers aiming at band identification. In all cases, the best results of band classification were obtained for the set lanes after band distortion correction.
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