Operation scheduling of prosumer with renewable energy sources and storage devices

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Suzana Menezes Souza
Mariana Gil Cunha
Jean Sumaili
André Guimarães Madureira
João Peças Lopes
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The reduction or elimination of incentives for the installation of decentralized generation directly at the customers' premises, favoring self-consumption, can bring significant changes for distribution network operation. According to the new Portuguese law, injection of energy into the distribution grid is discouraged since prosumers receive only 90% of the energy cost in the Iberian Energy Market. In order to lower energy bills, the possibility of storing excess energy is being considered as a possible solution. In this paper, an optimization framework is proposed to model the operation of consumers with renewable-based Distributed Generation (DG) and storage capacity and assess their aggregated effect at the level of the MV grid using a multi-temporal Optimal Power Flow (OPF). The proposed algorithm is then tested in a real Portuguese MV network to evaluate its performance. Finally, a financial viability analysis is performed considering the installation of small PV generators and storage devices at the residential level.