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Title: Anticipatory postural adjustments during sitting reach movement in post-stroke subjects
Authors: Pereira,S
Vilas Boas,JP
Miguel Velhote Correia
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The study assessed the effect of velocity of arm movement on anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) generation in the contralateral and ipsilateral muscles of individuals with stroke in seating. Ten healthy and eight post-stroke subjects were studied in sitting. The task consisted in reaching an object placed at scapular plane and mid-sternum height at self-selected and fast velocities. Electromyography was recorded from anterior deltoid (AD), upper (UT) and lower trapezius (LT) and latissimus dorsi (LD). While kinematic analysis was used to assess peak velocity and trunk displacement. Differences were found between the timing of APAs on ipsi and contralateral LD and LT in both movement speeds and in ipsilateral UT during movement of the non-affected arm at a self-selected velocity. A delay on the contralateral LD to reach movement with the non-affected arm at fast velocity was also observed. The trunk displacement was greater in post-stroke subjects. Individuals with stroke demonstrated a delay of APAs in the muscles on both sides of the body compared to healthy subjects. The delay was observed during performance of the reaching task with the fast and self-selected velocity.
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