A peer-to-peer service architecture for the Smart Grid

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Filipe Oliveira Campos
Miguel Marques Matos
José Orlando Pereira
David Emanuel Rua
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Important challenges in interoperability, reliability, and scalability need to be addressed before the Smart Grid vision can be fulfilled. The sheer scale of the electric grid and the criticality of the communication among its subsystems for proper management, demands a scalable and reliable communication framework able to work in an heterogeneous and dynamic environment. Moreover, the need to provide full interoperability between diverse current and future energy and non-energy systems, along with seamless discovery and configuration of a large variety of networked devices, ranging from the resource constrained sensing devices to servers in data centers, requires an implementation-agnostic Service Oriented Architecture. In this position paper we propose that this challenge can be addressed with a generic framework that reconciles the reliability and scalability of Peer-to-Peer systems, with the industrial standard interoperability of Web Services. We illustrate the flexibility of the proposed framework by showing how it can be used in two specific scenarios.