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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An exploratory study on the influence of socio-demographic characteristics on water end uses inside buildingsMatos,C; Teixeira,CA; Ricardo Silva Bento; Varajao,J; Bentes,I
2013Automatic localization of the optic disc by combining vascular and intensity informationAna Maria Mendonça; Sousa,A; Mendonca,L; Aurélio Campilho
2015Construction and validation of a scale of assessment of self-care behaviours anticipatory to creation of arteriovenous fistulaSousa,CN; Figueiredo,MH; Dias,VF; Paulo Teles; Apostolo,JL
2015Construction and validation of a scale of assessment of self-care behaviors with arteriovenous fistula in hemodialysisSousa,CN; Alves Apostolo,JLA; Jesus Silva Figueiredo,MHJS; Ferreira Dias,VFF; Paulo Teles; Martins,MM
2014Physical examination of arteriovenous fistula: The influence of professional experience in the detection of complicationsSousa,CN; Paulo Teles; Ferreira Dias,VFF; Alves Apostolo,JLA; Jesus Silva Figueiredo,MHJS; Martins,MM
2015Frequency of intradialytic hypotensive episodes: old problem, new insightsRocha,A; Sousa,C; Paulo Teles; Coelho,A; Xavier,E
2013E-cadherin and adherens-junctions stability in gastric carcinoma: Functional implications of glycosyltransferases involving N-glycan branching biosynthesis, N-acetylglucosaminyltransferases III and VPinho,SS; Figueiredo,J; Cabral,J; Carvalho,S; Dourado,J; Magalhaes,A; Gaertner,F; Ana Maria Mendonça; Isaji,T; Cu,JG; Carneiro,F; Seruca,R; Taniguchi,N; Reis,CA
2015Constrained consumption shifting management in the distributed energy resources scheduling considering demand responseFaria,P; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2015Demand Response Programs Design and Use Considering Intensive Penetration of Distributed GenerationFaria,P; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2017Patterns of synchrony for feed-forward and auto-regulation feed-forward neural networksAguiar,MAD; Dias,APS; Flora Rocha Ferreira