Assessment of PEV Owners' Preferences Impact on PEV Parking Lot Transactions

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Nilufar Neyestani
João Catalão
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The inevitable need of new infrastructures for encouraging plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) penetration into the system has drawn various attentions towards the required studies. In this regard, the PEVs parking lot (PL) has shown to have proper potentials. Other than providing a charging place for the PEVs, PLs can be considered as an integrated form of PEV batteries and act as storage in the system. However, the accuracy of PL's operation can be enhanced through detailed modeling of various affecting factors such as PEV's preferences on using the charging capability of the PL. In this study, a new model to add the PEVs' preferences in the PL's market participation problem is proposed. Various categories of PEVs are considering based on their arrival/departure pattern, duration of stay in the PL, and charging requirements. The results showed a considerable difference in PL's strategy in market participation, with and without considering PEVs' preferences.