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Title: Planeamento Cooperativo de Tarefas e Trajectórias em Múltiplos Robôs
Authors: Pedro Gomes Costa
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Today, the trajectory planning is not just of the domain of robots. Many new practical application areas such as, computer animation, games, virtual worlds, surgical procedures, biomedical information technology and virtual prototypes, emerged and led the development on this area at a pace that has accelerated in recent years. This development is full of significant advances in multiple directions. The environment in which the action occurs imposes many restrictions to the trajectory planning problem than can turn it into a very complex problem. Some of those restrictions are the real time pressure from having to obtain a solution while the the action is taking place and the case where some obstacles possess unpredictable dynamics making it impossible to know their location in the future. This work undertook the development and implementation of a new trajectory planning algorithm that operates in a real-time environment with dynamic obstacles.
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