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Title: A Multi-Agent Approach for Web Adaptation.
Authors: Jorge Morais
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Web growth has brought several problems to users. The large amount of information that exists nowadays in some particular Websites turns the task of finding useful information very difficult. Knowing users' visiting pattern is crucial to owners, so that they may transform or customize the Website. This problem originated the concept known as Adaptive Website: a Website that adapts itself for the purpose of improving the user's experience. This paper describes a proposal for a doctoral thesis. The main goal of this work is to follow a multi-agent approach for Web adaptation. The idea is that all knowledge administration about the Website and its users, and the use of that knowledge to adapt the site to fulfil user's needs, are made by an autonomous intelligent agent society in a negotiation environment. The complexity of the problem and the inherently distributed nature of the Web, which is an open, heterogeneous and decentralized network, are reasons that justify the multi-agent approa
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