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Title: Managing diabetes: Pattern discovery and counselling supported by user data in a mobile platform
Authors: Machado,D
Inês Dutra
Vítor Santos Costa
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Diabetes management is a complex and a sensible problem as each diabetic is a unique case with particular needs. The optimal solution would be a constant monitoring of the diabetic's values and automatically acting accordingly. We propose an approach that guides the user and analyses the data gathered to give individual advice. By using data mining algorithms and methods, we uncover hidden behaviour patterns that may lead to crisis situations. These patterns can then be transformed into logical rules, able to trigger in a particular context, and advise the user. We believe that this solution, is not only beneficial for the diabetic, but also for the doctor accompanying the situation. The advice and rules are useful input that the medical expert can use while prescribing a particular treatment. During the data gathering phase, when the number of records is not enough to attain useful conclusions, a base set of logical rules, defined from medical protocols, directives and/or advice, is responsible for advise and guiding the user. The proposed system will accompany the user at start with generic advice, and with constant learning, advise the user more specifically. We discuss this approach describing the architecture of the system, its base rules and data mining component. The system is to be incorporated in a currently developed diabetes management application for Android. © 2017 IEEE.
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