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Title: Correlates of adults’ participation in sport and frequency of sport [Corrélats de la participation des adultes en sport et de la fréquence avec laquelle ils le pratiquent]
Authors: Oliveira Brochado,A
Pedro Brito
Oliveira Brochado,F
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyze the correlates of adults’ participation in sport and frequency of sport. A hurdle model approach comprising a binary choice regression to model participation in sport and a count model to address frequency of sport was applied to analyze the data obtained from 516 personal interviews in a Portuguese city. Participation in sport and frequent sport are associated with men, younger people, not married and without children under 2 years, nonsmokers and regular drinkers and with good perceived health. However, participation in sport and frequency of sport participation are associated with different levels of perception of the benefits of sport activity. Whereas awareness of the health and enjoyment benefits fosters participation, fitness, socializing and appearance might increase the frequency of sport. Sport communication strategies might play a prominent role in persuading potential participants of the benefits of sport activity and frequency. © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS
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