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dc.contributor.authorAna Maria Rebeloen
dc.contributor.authorAndré Marçalen
dc.contributor.authorJaime Cardosoen
dc.description.abstractOptical Music Recognition (OMR) systems are an indispensable tool to transform the paper-based music scores and manuscripts into a machine-readable symbolic format. A system like this potentiates search, retrieval and analysis. One of the problematic stages is the musical symbols detection where operations to localize and to isolate musical objects are developed. The complexity is caused by printing and digitalization, as well as the paper degradation over time. Distortions inherent in staff lines, broken, connected and overlapping symbols, differences in sizes and shapes, noise, and zones of high density of symbols is even worst when we are dealing with handwritten music scores. In this paper the exploration of an optimization approach to support semantic and syntactic consistency after the music symbols extraction phase is proposed. The inclusion of this ongoing technique can lead to better results and encourage further experiences in the field of handwritten music scores recognition.en
dc.titleGlobal Constraints for Syntactic Consistency in OMR: An Ongoing Approachen
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