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Title: Fiber Optic Sensing System for Temperature and Gas Monitoring in Coal Waste Pile Combustion Environments
Authors: Carlos Duarte Viveiros
João Ferreira
Lopez Aldaba,A
Perez Herrera,RA
Lopez Gil,A
Dominguez Lopez,A
Martin Lopez,S
Susana Oliveira Silva
Orlando Frazão
José Luís Santos
Gonzalez Herraez,M
Lopez Amo,M
José Manuel Baptista
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: It is presented an optical fiber sensing system projected to operate in the demanding conditions associated with coal waste piles in combustion. Distributed temperature measurement and spot gas sensing are requirements for such a system. A field prototype has been installed and is continuously gathering data, which will input a geological model of the coal waste piles in combustion aiming to understand their dynamics and evolution. Results are presented on distributed temperature and ammonia measurement, being noticed any significant methane emission in the short time period considered. Carbon dioxide is also a targeted gas for measurement, with validated results available soon. The assessment of this technology as an effective and reliable tool to address the problem of monitoring coal waste piles in combustion opens the possibility of its widespread application in view of the worldwide presence of coal related fires.
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