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Title: GymApp: A real time physical activity trainner on wearable devices
Authors: Soares,M
Pedro Miguel Carvalho
Maria Teresa Andrade
José Pedro Pinto
Paula Viana
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Technological advances are pushing into the mass market innovative wearable devices featuring increasing processing and sensing capacity, non-intrusiveness and ubiquitous use. Sensors built-in those devices, enable acquiring different types of data and by taking advantage of the available processing power, it is possible to run intelligent applications that process the sensed data to offer added-value to the user in multiple domains. Although not new to the modern society, it is unquestionable that the present exercise boom is rapidly spreading across all age groups. However, in a great majority of cases, people perform their physical activity on their own, either due to time or budget constraints and may easily get discouraged if they do not see results or perform exercises inadequately. This paper presents an application, running on a wearable device, aiming at operating as a personal trainer that validates a set of proposed exercises in a sports session. The developed solution uses inertial sensors of an Android Wear smartwatch and, based on a set of pattern recognition algorithms, detects the rate of success in the execution of a planned workout. The fact that all processing can be executed on the device is a differentiator factor to other existing solutions. © 2018 IEEE.
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