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Title: Viewing hidden data using Hadoop
Authors: Perez Cota,MP
José Luís Martins
Frederico Branco
Ramiro Gonçalves
Gonzalez Castro,MRG
Diaz Rodriguez,MD
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: How to handle big amounts of data with several structures in an efficient way has been the key point of Big Data. The appearance of Hadoop has been a breakthrough in this field, by allowing to perform an analysis of important volumes of data, without the need of large supercomputers, but through commodity hardware complemented with a set of powerful software tools. The computing advantages provided by this new technology have made it very popular in a massive amount of areas and one of them is health data management. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the state of the art on Hadoop and its ecosystem, as well as to determine how it is possible to use the strength of these technologies, not only to analyze health data but also to reveal hidden information that can explain medical records in a better way. In particular, our work will be focused on determine how, behind veterinary data, there is an influence of the environmental changes.
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