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Title: Conceptual framework for the identification of influential contexts of the adoption decision
Authors: Ana Cristina Simões
António Lucas Soares
Ana Cristina Barros
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The decision to adopt new technologies is the most important stage in integrating a new technology into the ongoing processes of the organization and also to obtain benefits from its routine use. This paper proposes an integrated framework that combines Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) Theory, Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) framework and Institutional Theory (INT) to characterize the critical factors influencing advanced technologies adoption in manufacturing context. This conceptual framework identifies three contextual environments - innovation, internal organizational and external environmental - that can influence the adoption decision along with some sub-contexts from the literature that may be considered. This framework can be used as starting point to explore in depth influential factors in advanced technologies in manufacturing contexts. Additionally, this framework can assist companies to develop adoption process plans as well as managerial practices that consider the role of these factors and thus lead to successful implementations. © 2018 IEEE.
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