Efficient CIEDE2000-Based Color Similarity Decision for Computer Vision

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Américo José Pereira
Pedro Miguel Carvalho
Luís Corte Real
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Color and color differences are critical aspects in many image processing and computer vision applications. A paradigmatic example is object segmentation, where color distances can greatly influence the performance of the algorithms. Metrics for color difference have been proposed in the literature, including the definition of standards such as CIEDE2000, which quantifies the change in visual perception of two given colors. This standard has been recommended for industrial computer vision applications, but the benefits of its application have been impaired by the complexity of the formula. This paper proposes a new strategy that improves the usability of the CIEDE2000 metric when a maximum acceptable distance can be imposed. We argue that, for applications where a maximum value, above which colors are considered to be different, can be established, then it is possible to reduce the amount of calculations of the metric, by preemptively analyzing the color features. This methodology encompasses the benefits of the metric while overcoming its computational limitations, thus broadening the range of applications of CIEDE2000 in both the computer vision algorithms and computational resource requirements.