Adaptive Broadcast Cancellation Query Mechanism for Unstructured Networks Lima,R en Carlos Baquero en Miranda,H en 2018-02-14T16:00:38Z 2018-02-14T16:00:38Z 2015 en
dc.description.abstract The availability of cheap wireless sensors boosted the emergence of unstructured networks using wireless technologies with decentralised administration. However, a simple task such as learning the temperature needs a discovery service to find a thermometer among all the sensors. In general, resource discovery relies on flooding mechanisms that waste energy and compromises system availability. Energy efficient strategies limit the exploration area, but with a significant impact on latency. The paper proposes ABC (Adaptive Broadcast Cancellation), a new algorithm that uses the knowledge acquired in previous discoveries to accelerate queries towards the resource. Knowledge is stored in a variation of Bloom filters, thus contributing for an efficient utilization of the sensors limited memory. en
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dc.title Adaptive Broadcast Cancellation Query Mechanism for Unstructured Networks en
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