A bibliometric portrait of the evolution, scientific roots and influence of the literature on University-Industry links

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Luisa Mota
Aurora Teixeira
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The study of university-industry (U-I) relations has been the focus of growing interest in the literature. However, to date, a quantitative overview of the existing literature in this field has yet to be accomplished. This study intends to fill this gap through the use of bibliometric techniques. By using three different yet interrelated databases-a database containing the articles published on U-I links, which encompass 534 articles published between 1986 and 2011; a 'roots' database, which encompasses over 20,000 references to the articles published on U-I relations; and a 'influences' database which includes more than 15,000 studies that cited the articles published on U-I relations-we obtained the following results: (1) 'Academic spin offs', 'Scientific and technological policies' and (to a greater extent) 'Knowledge Transfer Channels' are topics in decline; (2) 'Characteristics of universities, firms and scientists', along with 'Regional spillovers', show remarkable growth, and 'M