Audiovisual annotation in the study of physics

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Paula Viana
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The support of video in the learning environment is nowadays used to many ends, either for demonstration, research or share. It is intended to reinforce the space before and after class and introduce a new dynamic and interaction in the classroom itself. Pedagogical innovation may be achieved by different approaches to motivate students and obtain better results. This paper presents a revision of the literature about the potential of using video annotation in the education context, specifically in the domain of Physics, using an open source annotation tool. The creation of audiovisual references, either for quick access to parts of organized video annotated content by the teacher, knowledge building or revision by and for other students is analyzed. This study is complemented with a testbed, showing the potential of using audiovisual annotated content, within a k-12 context. Students were invited to select video content, annotate, organize and publish the annotations, which could support the learning process in the domain of Physics. Results show that most of the aspects under analysis received a positive evaluation. The only exception relates to the capacity of the approach to motivated students to the study of Physics, as most of the students did not see this methodology as a motivating means. © 2018 ACM