Collaborative immersive authoring tool for real-time creation of multisensory VR experiences

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Hugo Rafael Mendes
Maximino Bessa
José Luís Martins
Miguel Correia Melo
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With the appearance of innovative virtual reality (VR) technologies, the need to create immersive content arose. Although there are already some non-immersive solutions to address immersive audio-visual content, there are no solutions that allow the creation of immersive multisensory content. This work proposes a novel architecture for a collaborative immersive tool that allows the creation of multisensory VR experiences in real-time, thus promoting the expeditious development, adoption, and use of immersive systems and enabling the building of custom-solutions that can be used in an intuitive manner to support organizations’ business initiatives. To validate the presented proposal, two approaches for the authoring tools (Desktop interface and Immersive interface) were subjected to a set of tests and evaluations consisting of a usability study that demonstrated not only the participants’ acceptance of the authoring tool but also the importance of using immersive interfaces for the creation of such VR experiences. © 2019, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.