MarinEye - A tool for marine monitoring Alfredo Martins en André Dias en Eduardo Silva en Hugo Alexandre Ferreira en Ireneu Dias en José Miguel Almeida en Luís Torgo en Goncalves,M en Maurício Oliveira Guedes en Nuno Dias en Pedro Jorge en Mucha,AP en Magalhaes,C en Carvalho,MDF en Ribeiro,H en Almeida,CMR en Azevedo,I en Ramos,S en Borges,T en Leandro,SM en Maranhao,P en Mouga,T en Gamboa,R en Lemos,M en dos Santos,A en Silva,A en Frazao e Teixeira,BFE en Bartilotti,C en Marques,R en Cotrim,S en 2018-01-19T18:20:57Z 2018-01-19T18:20:57Z 2016 en
dc.description.abstract This work presents an autonomous system for marine integrated physical-chemical and biological monitoring - the MarinEye system. It comprises a set of sensors providing diverse and relevant information for oceanic environment characterization and marine biology studies. It is constituted by a physical-chemical water properties sensor suite, a water filtration and sampling system for DNA collection, a plankton imaging system and biomass assessment acoustic system. The MarinEye system has onboard computational and logging capabilities allowing it either for autonomous operation or for integration in other marine observing systems (such as Observatories or robotic vehicles. It was designed in order to collect integrated multi-trophic monitoring data. The validation in operational environment on 3 marine observatories: RAIA, BerlengasWatch and Cascais on the coast of Portugal is also discussed. en
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dc.title MarinEye - A tool for marine monitoring en
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