AJITTS: Adaptive just-in-time transaction scheduling

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Rui Carlos Oliveira
José Orlando Pereira
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Distributed transaction processing has benefited greatly from optimistic concurrency control protocols thus avoiding costly fine-grained synchronization. However, the performance of these protocols degrades significantly when the workload increases, namely, by leading to a substantial amount of aborted transactions due to concurrency conflicts. Our approach stems from the observation that when the abort rate increases with the load as already executed transactions queue for longer periods of time waiting for their turn to be certified and committed. We thus propose an adaptive algorithm for judiciously scheduling transactions to minimize the time during which these are vulnerable to being aborted by concurrent transactions, thereby reducing the overall abort rate. We do so by throttling transaction execution using an adaptive mechanism based on the locally known state of globally executing transactions, that includes out-of-order execution. Our evaluation using traces from the industry standard TPC-E workload shows that the amount of aborted transactions can be kept bounded as system load increases, while at the same time fully utilizing system resources and thus scaling transaction processing throughput. © 2013 IFIP International Federation for Information Processing.