Combining low-code development with ChatGPT to novel no-code approaches: A focus-group study

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Henrique São Mamede
José Luís Martins
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Low-code tools are a trend in software development for business solutions due to their agility and ease of use. There are a certain number of vendors with such solutions. Still, in most Western countries, there is a clear need for the existence of greater quantities of certified and experienced professionals to work with those tools. This means that companies with more resources can attract and maintain those professionals, whilst other smaller organizations must rely on an endless search for this scarce resource. We will present and validate a model designed to transform ChatGPT into a low-code developer, addressing the demand for a more skilled human resource solution. This innovative tool underwent rigorous validation via a focus group study, engaging a panel of highly experienced experts. Their invaluable insights and feedback on the proposed model were systematically gathered and meticulously analysed.