Airport Competition and Aviation Network Evolution: an Exploratory Study on Continental Portugal

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Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Edgar Ramiro Jimenez
João Claro
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This work describes an exploratory study to examine the evolution of the aviation network of three airports in continental Portugal - Lisbon, Faro and Porto - between 2001 and 2010. Our main goal is to evaluate the influence that decisions taken in a given airport have over decisions made in other airports in the network. Additionally, the research shows the relationship between airport competition and the changes occurring in the aviation network during the period of study. A conceptual framework on airport competition is also presented in order to define the ways in which airports compete and the relationships between them. We evaluate the degree of concentration of the aviation network using the Network Concentration Index (NC). Similarly, we analyse planning documents produced by the operator of the airports, to assess how aware they are on airport competition and on the strategies proposed for their airports.