Signal transmission model for the substations grounding grid Xiao,XH en Peng,MF en Jaime Cardoso en Wang,L en Shen,ME en 2017-11-20T10:41:46Z 2017-11-20T10:41:46Z 2014 en
dc.description.abstract The signal of the wireless sensor network in grounding grid, owing to energy loss, network congestion, path constraints and other factors, is easy to delay even partially losing. In order to ensure that the signal can be transmitted effectively in grounding grids for the substation, this paper presents a method based on traffic model of back-off balanced multiple sensor network cooperation model. As we all know, cognitive radio (CR) technology is adopted in multi-channel wireless networks to provide enough channels for data transmission. The MAC protocols should enable the secondary users to maintain the accurate channel state information to identify and utilize the leftover frequency spectrum in a way that constrains the level of interference to the primary users. We proposed a novel cooperation spectrum sensing scheme in which the secondary users adopt backoff-based sensing policy based on the traffic model of the primary users to maximum the throughput of the network. To obtain the full accurate information of the spectrum is a difficult task so that we propose the backoff sensing as a sub-optimal strategy. Since the secondary users sense only a subset of the channels in our proposed scheme, less time is spent to get the channel state information as more time is saved for the data transmission. And while dealing the signal data, I combine the intensity transfer method instead of the priority method. This can effectively reduce the network congestion, to ensure that the main information can be transfer well. It is also very useful to signal transmission for the Multi-sensor in Substations Grounding Grid (SGG). en
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dc.title Signal transmission model for the substations grounding grid en
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