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    A review on the decarbonization of high-performance computing centers
    ( 2024) Carlos Silva ; André Martins Pereira ; Ricardo Jorge Bessa ; 8560 ; 9080 ; 4882
    High-performance computing relies on performance-oriented infrastructures with access to powerful computing resources to complete tasks that contribute to solve complex problems in society. The intensive use of resources and the increase in service demand due to emerging fields of science, combined with the exascale paradigm, climate change concerns, and rising energy costs, ultimately means that the decarbonization of these centers is key to improve their environmental and financial performance. Therefore, a review on the main opportunities and challenges for the decarbonization of high-performance computing centers is essential to help decision-makers, operators and users contribute to a more sustainable computing ecosystem. It was found that state-of-the-art supercomputers are growing in computing power, but are combining different measures to meet sustainability concerns, namely going beyond energy efficiency measures and evolving simultaneously in terms of energy and information technology infrastructure. It was also shown that policy and multiple entities are now targeting specifically HPC, and that identifying synergies with the energy sector can reveal new revenue streams, but also enable a smoother integration of these centers in energy systems. Computing-intensive users can continue to pursue their scientific research, but participating more actively in the decarbonization process, in cooperation with computing service providers. Overall, many opportunities, but also challenges, were identified, to decrease carbon emissions in a sector mostly concerned with improving hardware performance.
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    Dynamic security of islanded power systems with pumped storage power plants for high renewable integration – A study case
    ( 2019) Helena Vasconcelos ; Beires,P ; Carlos Moreira ; João Peças Lopes ; 1103 ; 3348 ; 4442
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    An advanced platform for power system security assessment accounting for forecast uncertainties
    ( 2019) Ciapessoni,E ; Cirio,D ; Pitto,A ; Omont,N ; Leonel Magalhães Carvalho ; Vasconcelos,MH ; 3348 ; 4971
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    A methodology to evaluate the uncertainties used to perform security assessment for branch overloads
    ( 2019) Helena Vasconcelos ; Carla Silva Gonçalves ; Meirinhos,J ; Omont,N ; Pitto,A ; Ceresa,G ; 6595 ; 3348
    This paper presents a generic framework to evaluate and compare the quality of the uncertainties provided by probabilistic forecasts of power system state when used to perform security assessment for branch overloads. Besides exploiting advanced univariate and multivariate metrics that are traditionally used in weather prediction, the evaluation is complemented by assessing the benefits from exploiting probabilistic forecasts over the current practices of using deterministic forecasts of the system operating conditions. Another important feature of this framework is the provision of parameters tuning when applying flow probabilistic forecasts to perform security assessment for branch overloads. The quality and scalability of this framework is demonstrated and validated on recent historical data of the French transmission system. Although being developed to address branch overload problems, with proper adaptations, this work can be extended to other power system security problems. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
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    Simulated annealing to handle energy and ancillary services joint management considering electric vehicles
    ( 2016) Sousa,T ; Tiago André Soares ; Morals,H ; Castro,R ; Vale,Z ; 6611
    The massive use of distributed generation and electric vehicles will lead to a more complex management of the power system, requiring new approaches to be used in the optimal resource scheduling field. Electric vehicles with vehicle-to-grid capability can be useful for the aggregator players in the mitigation of renewable sources intermittency and in the ancillary services procurement. In this paper, an energy and ancillary services joint management model is proposed. A simulated annealing approach is used to solve the joint management for the following day, considering the minimization of the aggregator total operation costs. The case study considers a distribution network with 33-bus, 66 distributed generation and 2000 electric vehicles. The proposed simulated annealing is matched with a deterministic approach allowing an effective and efficient comparison. The simulated annealing presents a solution closer to the one obtained in the deterministic approach (1.03% error), yet representing 0.06% of the deterministic approach CPU time performance.