Detailed Black-Box Monitoring of Distributed Systems

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Ricardo Pereira Vilaça
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Modern containerized distributed systems, such as big data storage and processing stacks or micro-service based applications, are inherently hard to monitor and optimize, as resource usage does not directly match hardware resources due to multiple virtualization layers. For instance, inter-application traffic is an important factor in as it directly indicates how components interact, it has not been possible to accurately monitor it in an application independent way and without severe overhead, thus putting it out of reach of cloud platforms. In this paper we present an efficient black-box monitoring approach for gathering detailed structural information of collaborating processes in a distributed system that can be queried for various purposes, as it includes both information about processes, containers, and hosts, as well as resource usage and amount of data exchanged. The key to achieving high detail and low overhead without custom application instrumentation is to use a kernel-aided event driven strategy. We validate a prototype implementation by applying it to multi-platform microservice deployments, evaluate its performance with micro-benchmarks, and demonstrate its usefulness for container placement in a distributed data storage and processing stack (i.e., Cassandra and Spark).