Automatic TV Logo Identification for Advertisement Detection without Prior Data

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Pedro Miguel Carvalho
Américo José Pereira
Paula Viana
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<jats:p>Advertisements are often inserted in multimedia content, and this is particularly relevant in TV broadcasting as they have a key financial role. In this context, the flexible and efficient processing of TV content to identify advertisement segments is highly desirable as it can benefit different actors, including the broadcaster, the contracting company, and the end user. In this context, detecting the presence of the channel logo has been seen in the state-of-the-art as a good indicator. However, the difficulty of this challenging process increases as less prior data is available to help reduce uncertainty. As a result, the literature proposals that achieve the best results typically rely on prior knowledge or pre-existent databases. This paper proposes a flexible method for processing TV broadcasting content aiming at detecting channel logos, and consequently advertising segments, without using prior data about the channel or content. The final goal is to enable stream segmentation identifying advertisement slices. The proposed method was assessed over available state-of-the-art datasets as well as additional and more challenging stream captures. Results show that the proposed method surpasses the state-of-the-art.</jats:p>