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Title: Impact of the Use of FACTS to Increase Robustness of Operation in Grids with Large Scale Wind Generation
Authors: Pedro José Marques
João Peças Lopes
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: — Increased penetration of wind power should not jeopardize power system robustness of operation. One of the critical issues is related with the possibility of the loss of large shares of wind power following a system disturbance. The propagation of voltage reduction that results from a short-circuit may provoke the disconnection of the wind generators, especially those that do not present ride through default capabilities. The use of FACTS connected to the grid, nearby the large wind parks, may attenuate such a situation. In this work the effectiveness of such technical approach is addressed and discussed. Results obtained demonstrate that the use of FACTS increases grid robustness of operation by avoided the disconnection of part of the wind generation.
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