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Title: Un Modelo de Planificación y Control Orientado a la Adaptación Económica de Sistemas de Distribución de Energía Eléctrica
Authors: Vladimiro Miranda
Gustavo Schweickardt
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: (in Spanish) This paper describes a method to evaluate the dynamic adaptation of a Power Distribution system in terms of its planning for a given time span of tarif control. The model requires two stages: a multiple criteria planning based on Fuzzy Dynamic Programming taking risk as a criterion and on Hierarquical Analytical Processes, and a decision phase of system adaptation control based on Decision Making within the Hierarquical Analytical Process analysis. The result is a Vector of Dynamic Adaptation of the system associated to the succession of unbalances that happen during system evolution, so that the system may remain as much as possible dynamically and economically adapted.
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