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Title: Promotion of new wind farms based on a decision support system
Authors: Vladimiro Miranda
L. Alfredo Fernández-Jiménez
Pedro J. Zorzano-Santamaría
Cláudio Monteiro
Ignacio J. Ramírez-Rosado
Eduardo García-Garrido
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The integration in electric power networks of new renewable energy facilities is the final result of a complex planning process. One of the important objectives of this process is the selection of suitable geographical locations where such facilities can be built. This selection procedure can be a difficult task because of the initially opposing positions of the different agents involved in this procedure, such as, for example, investors, utilities, governmental agencies or social groups. The conflicting interest of the agents can delay or block the construction of new facilities. This paper presents a new decision support system, based on Geographic Information Systems, designed to overcome the problems posed by the agents and thus achieve a consensual selection of locations and overcome the problems deriving from their preliminary differing preferences. This paper presents the description of the decision support system, as well as the results obtained for two groups of agents useful for the selection of locations for the construction of new wind farms in La Rioja (Spain).
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