Optimization of Pumped Storage Capacity in an Isolated Power System With Large Renewable Penetration

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Paul Brown
João Peças Lopes
Manuel Matos
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This work describes an economic analysis of the inclusion of pumped storage in a small island system that has abundant renewable energy available but that at times cannot accept all of this power because of limits imposed by security criteria. The question of whether or how much pumped storage to include is addressed by formulating a linear programming optimization problem. The stochastic nature of load and renewable production is addressed using scenarios developed through fuzzy clustering. Both the unit capacity in MW and the reservoir storage capacity in MWh are optimized, and optimal operating strategies for the scenarios are produced. Results showed that including pumped storage can be an effective means of allowing larger penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources, improving both the dynamic security and the economic operation of a test system.Including the dynamic security criteria in the economic question of dimensioning the pumped storage unit proved to make a significant difference in the optimal pumped storage capacity.