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Title: Operations of DFIG with simplified rotor current reference model and solution to the recent grid code requirements
Authors: A.P. Tennakoon
J.B. Ekanayake
A. Arulampalam
Hélder Leite
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The advancing technologies are boosting the wind turbine development rapidly and today the wind power generation has become a proven technology. However, still the research and development are motivated to go into further detail to simplify and optimize the control strategies. This paper addresses a simplified control strategy based on rotor current reference frame. The decoupled active and reactive power control with decoupled movement of the operating point on its characteristics graphs such as torque slip curves is explained in detail. Further new control for DFIG operation is discussed with simulation. The simulation results have opened up explanation for its detailed operation. It has proven excellent tracking operation based on rotor current reference frame.
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